Reducing our impact on the natural environment and enhancing bio-diversity at our operations demonstrates our commitment to good stewardship of the land on which we operate.

Blackwater Creek Diversion Comes to Life

Following the completion in 2010 of the 10.2km Blackwater Creek Diversion at the Curragh Mine, a 12 year monitoring program was established to capture bio-diversity data. The data would allow Curragh to identify changes in bio-diversity indicators and determine if changes in fauna species composition are occurring as the vegetation matures within the diversion. Fauna monitoring is undertaken within the diversion, and at control sites upstream and downstream of the diversion. In 2014 the initial monitoring event identified 84 species of terrestrial vertebrate fauna, including 49 species of bird, five species of amphibian, 10 species of reptile and 20 species of mammal, including 13 species of microbats. The data obtained will be used to determine what additional assistance are required, such as the installation of artificial bat boxes.

Environmental notices

In November 2013 Wesfarmers Curragh and its directors were issued with ‘show cause’ notices from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) in relation to two environmental incidents that occurred at the Curragh Mine during September 2013 and November 2013. Each notice alleged a breach of one or more conditions of Curragh’s Environmental Authority.

The first notice, dated 26 November 2013, relates to an incident occurring on 28 September 2013 where a pipeline leakage caused mine-affected water to flow into Blackwater Creek. The second notice, dated 27 November 2013, related to an incident that occurred on 7 November 2013 where a pipeline leak caused the release of diesel to recently-excavated land.

Having considered Curragh’s response, the DEHP determined that the release of diesel warranted the issuing of a Penalty Infringement Notice of $2,200. The DEHP has taken no further action for the release of mine affected water, nor is any anticipated.