Supporting our Indigenous communities

Wesfarmers Resources supports and promotes the development of strong, healthy and vibrant communities in which we operate. As part of this we are committed to taking action to close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

We want Aboriginal people to feel welcome and valued as employees and members of our community, that their culture and heritage is respected and that they have the same opportunities for employment as others in the community.

To make this commitment a reality we will look to develop strong and enduring relationships with the Aboriginal people in our local communities while actively seeking to promote and support their business development, education and employment opportunities.

As a member of the Wesfarmers Group of companies we are supportive of, and committed to the Wesfarmers Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and within our area of influence and means to effect change we will make genuine efforts to contribute to the goals of reconciliation through practical efforts which will result in sustainable change for the better.

This strategy outlines our commitment to supporting the Wesfarmers RAP through its three pillars of:

  • Building respect
  • Building relationships
  • Creating opportunities

Specific actions to be undertaken as part of this strategy are contained within this strategy. We have proposed timelines and where appropriate targets to be achieved. We will report annually via our Sustainability Report on our progress.

Strong, healthy and vibrant communities are in all our interest. This strategy will complement our other strategies to achieve this.