Our approach to sustainable development

Wesfarmers believes delivering satisfactory returns for its shareholders involves a focus on five key sustainability objectives and actions. They are:

  1. Our People.  We aim to provide a safe, stimulating and ethical working environment that encourages high levels of personal and professional development.
  2. Carbon and Energy Management.   In line with proposed national emission reduction strategies, we seek to actively set both short-term and longer-term objectives to reduce our footprint, while investing in new technologies that contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy.
  3. Community Support.  We invest in, and recognise those areas of community endeavour we believe are necessary to contribute to building long-term community cohesion, leadership and innovation.
  4. Environment.  Inputs and outputs that have direct and indirect environmental impacts, including water usage, emissions to air, solid and liquid waste, and land rehabilitation, are subject to ongoing planning and management to ensure we continue to reduce our overall environment footprint.
  5. Economic Contribution.  A strong business environment and a strong economy go hand in hand. We seek to maximise our contribution to the economy through long-term business growth and its capacity to generate additional direct and indirect employment, as well as via our export royalty contributions.