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Curragh Mine predominantly produces a low-ash, low volatile hard coking coal and PCI coal product for export metallurgical markets, as well as a steam coal for domestic power utility markets.

The typical specifications of these products are detailed as follows:


Indicative Specifications Hard Coking PCI Steam
Total Moisture (arb %) 10.0 9.5 7.5
Volatile Matter (adb %) 21.5 18.0 19.0
Ash (adb %) 7.0-7.5 8.5 16.5
Total Sulphur (adb %) 0.50 0.45 0.5
CSN 7.5-8.5 1 -
Specific Energy kcal/kg (gad) - 7750 -
Gieseler Fluidity (ddpm) 100 - -
Vitrinite Reflectance (%) 1.3-1.4 1.40 -

Curragh hard coking coal is a well-known export brand name. Exports commenced in 1984 and the Curragh brand name has since been recognised for low ash content, low coke oven wall pressure and quality consistency.

Curragh hard coking coal produces a coke product with exceptionally strong mechanical strength. The rank of Curragh coking coal is at the peak for coke making with a petrographic composition with a very tight vitrinite reflectance range and the correct balance of reactive and inert material. These characteristics ensure that Curragh product can be used as either a blend coal or a standalone component for the production of blast furnace coke and foundry coke.

Curragh hard coking coal is utilised by many major steel mills in Asia, Europe and South America.

Curragh PCI coal’s low ash, high energy, low phosphorus, sulphur and chlorine provide substantial benefits in the PCI injection process.

Curragh thermal coal is a blend of middlings product from the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant and run of mine bypass coal from the mining pits. The low moisture, low sulphur thermal coal is a moderate to high net calorific value energy product with excellent combustion and ash fusion properties. All thermal coal product is delivered to domestic power stations at Stanwell under long term contracts.